3 Things To Do In 2017

What are you going to do to keep your smile healthy in 2017? Sure, you might have some general resolutions that you tend to make on an annual basis (which we always applaud, of course). However, beyond the obvious “brush and floss,” did you know that there are some less apparent yet extremely beneficial things you might want to plan on accomplishing throughout the upcoming year (that will help make your experience with oral health and the beauty of your smile even better)? It’s true! We are happy to share.

Clean Out Your Bathroom

Nope, our first suggestion for you for the New Year is not to brush more consistently. Shocked? It’s to clean out your bathroom. Starting a new year off right is so much more easily accomplished when your oral health arsenal is all up-to-date, clean, fresh, accessible, and ready to go. So, toss out any old, nearly empty, or expired products. Purchase a new tube of toothpaste, a toothbrush, and dental floss, and start the year off ready!

Ask Yourself If You Have Consistent Habits

Have an honest conversation with yourself about your oral health habits. Are they consistent? If there are areas that need some work, figure out what they are and address them. Whether you need to brush more frequently, if you forget to schedule visits, or something else, nip it in the bud at the start of the year!

Talk With Us About Your Secret Smile Dreams

Do you have dreams that include improving your oral health, restoring your smile, or making it more beautiful? Talk with us in 2017! We can help more than you can imagine!