Month: December 2016

Recycle Your Christmas Tree by Jan.13!

Do you save your newspaper and recycle your cans? Thank you on behalf of the environment, and the space saved in area landfills. Southlake has a program to keep another big item out of our landfills: The Southlake Christmas Tree Recycle Program. This program recycled over 650 trees last year, and it could have an… Read more »

Enamel Quiz: Are You Keeping It Safe?

Are you doing all the right things to keep your enamel safe? Or, are you overlooking some simple facts that are leading you to accidentally damage this hard, outer layer of your teeth? When you’re feeling wholly unsure on the topic, we suggest you bring your questions to us! For the current moment, take time… Read more »

Over 60? Take Our Quiz!

Are you a dental patient who is over 60 years of age? If so, have you been wondering about your oral health, whether there are any unique issues that you should expect simply because of your age, and what to do about keeping your smile safe? If so, you may want to get the ball… Read more »

3 Things To Do In 2017

What are you going to do to keep your smile healthy in 2017? Sure, you might have some general resolutions that you tend to make on an annual basis (which we always applaud, of course). However, beyond the obvious “brush and floss,” did you know that there are some less apparent yet extremely beneficial things you… Read more »

Have The Happiest Of Holidays!

Are you ready to celebrate the wintertime holidays? Have your stockings been hung by the chimney with care? How about your teeth and gum tissue? Have you done anything special to make sure they’re ready for the weekend, for New Year’s Eve, and beyond? If you’re blushing a bit and hoping to slink away from… Read more »

New Year’s Eve Symphony Celebration!

There’s just something moving about the melodic tones of a symphony orchestra on a chilly evening in wintertime that brings out the holiday spirit in all of us! If the idea of taking in a musical performance as 2017 draws near (and arrives), you will certainly want to take some time for New Year’s Eve… Read more »

Porcelain Veneers: Ready Or Not?

If you feel as though you’ve spent years dreaming about porcelain veneers but you don’t know how to make the shift from wanting them to actually making plans to receive them, we can help. We know that it takes some serious motivation and confidence to schedule time to transform your smile. To ensure you’ve been… Read more »

Quiz: Where’s My Bruxism Come From?

Have you been trying to figure out where your bruxism disorder comes from? Are you wondering if there’s one particular issue or event that has resulted in your grinding or your clenching? For some, the issue tends to result from a single oral health problem. For others, it’s a combination of issue. The good news… Read more »

Holiday Checkup Check-In: Do You See What I See?

When you notice that the holidays are in full force and that 2017 is nearly upon us, you might make note that it’s about time to schedule another dental checkup. However, the coziness of the crackling fire in the fireplace and the hot chocolate you’ve been sipping just might lull you into a dreamland that… Read more »

Questions About Implants Over The Holidays

Are you a little bit excited and also a bit worried about your dental implants and how they will fare over the holiday season? The good news is that they will perform wonderfully, so you are right to be excited! As for those little concerns that pop up in your mind, we have some helpful… Read more »