Thanksgiving: 3 Things We Are Thankful For!

While you probably sit around your Turkey Day meal with the people you care most about, giving thanks for one another and for the delicious food in front of you, we certainly have a unique take on the holiday. Of course, we are grateful for our patients, our community, and the delicious feast that awaits! However, we also hold a very special place in our hearts for the way dental care helps us protect smiles of the individuals who come through our doors. As a result, we would like to share a few things we are thankful for (and hope it will inspire you to schedule your next visit if it’s time).

#1: Your Smile

First and foremost, our patients are constantly bringing their unique smiles into our practice, entrusting us with their oral health and agreeing to dental care. We treasure the diverse personalities who walk through our doors, keeping our daily lives interesting! We also appreciate the opportunity to guide you through the process it takes to keep a smile healthy. It’s what we love to do.

#2: Dental Hygiene Products

It may have been quite a long time since you last stared at your toothbrush, toothpaste, and toothbrush and gave thanks (okay, this has probably never happened). However, it’s worth thinking about. Thanks to modern advances in dental hygiene, we are all able to care for our smiles year round, preventing problems like decay, gum disease, and more that were typically impossible to avoid before modern dental care.

#3: Advanced Dental Technology

Technology in the world of dental care improves every day. Thankfully, this means we can consistently provide patients with more efficient, comfortable, convenient care that yields excellent results.