Restorations: All About Customization

Have you noticed that when we talk to you about the restoration you need for your oral health, we always mention the fact that it’s going to be customized? Do you smile and nod, feeling like this must be a good thing but you aren’t really certain about what this means for you? Allow us to quickly explain what we mean by a customized restoration, so you can breathe a sigh of relief and look forward to your repaired grin.

Getting The Dimensions Right

In order to ensure your restoration fits your smile, we need to check that its dimensions are extremely precise. Why is this such an important part of a customized restoration? Let’s consider a dental crown as an example. If it fits, it will look like a natural tooth, it will appear seamlessly within your smile, and it will fit with your bite (rather than causing balance problems with your natural bite).

Determining The Shade

A customized restoration is also one with the proper color. First, imagine a white filling that is too white for your tooth. Instead of blending, so your tooth looks whole, it might look somewhat obvious. This is why we match the shade to your tooth. Now, imagine a dental crown. If it’s darker or lighter than surrounding teeth, it will disrupt the uniform look of your smile and will appear unhealthy or artificial.

Using Natural-Looking Materials

Even if the size and shade of your restoration are correct, it cannot look natural unless the material we use mimics dental tissue. As a result, we carefully choose products to work with the lend a finish similar enough to natural teeth that nobody can tell it’s composite, porcelain, or otherwise.