Q&A: Your Worries About Gum Contouring

Sometimes, the problem with the esthetics of one’s smile has nothing to do with discoloration, tooth length, chips, or other issues directly related to dental tissue. Instead, the source of the problem is gum tissue. It may present itself either as uneven tissue (which can lead to a lopsided looking smile) or excess gum tissue (resulting in short looking teeth). Fortunately, we offer gum contouring to make your smile look even and lovely or to raise your gumline for a more pleasing looking smile. Wondering exactly how we do this? Worried a little bit? A few questions and answers should help.

Questions and Answers: Contouring Your Gums

Question: Is the gum contouring treatment going to be uncomfortable? I know that you are going to use a laser, which I don’t know much about.

Answer: No. We never perform procedures that will be uncomfortable. Rest assured, we will begin by administering local anesthetic to your gum tissue. In addition, lasers often offer much more comfortable treatments than traditional instruments.

Question: If I decide I want to make my smile look better with gum contouring, can I combine other treatments with it or expect to be able to receive additional cosmetic treatments in the future? Or, is this not a possibility?

Answer: Of course. We might not necessarily perform both treatments on the same day. However, you may choose to receive gum contouring as well as other treatments, such as bonding, whitening, and even veneers once your smile has healed.

Question: Is gum contouring a good way to make my smile look better? Is it going to take a long time to recover?

Answer: Yes. It’s a wonderful option! We use a very precise diode laser for soft tissues, which will create a beautiful finish as well as a very quick recovery.