Q&A: Can I Keep My Wisdom Teeth?

When you think about wisdom teeth removal, you probably think of your friends who have gone through the process, your parents, your relatives, and more, and wonder to yourself when it will be time for you to experience this apparent rite of passage. Surprisingly enough, not everyone needs these teeth removed! If you’re a bit floored by this realization, we encourage you to consider our question-and-answer session for an easy way to sort out the details.

Questions and Answers

Question: Can I keep my wisdom teeth if they grow in successfully? Does this ever happen?

Answer: Yes, of course. Sometimes, these third molars grow in just fine. As a result, there’s no reason to remove them unless they begin to pose some sort of oral health threat. Otherwise, no wisdom teeth removal for you!

Question: What if my teeth are impacted or the angle in which they are growing poses a hazard to the rest of my smile? Will I need removal?

Answer: You will need wisdom teeth removal if the teeth are impacted or are going to harm your oral health in any way. We never suggest waiting and seeing what will happen if one of these two issues is present.

Question: What if my wisdom teeth grow in successfully but I haven’t had a very good track record of keeping them free of oral health problems like cavities? What if they are perfectly fine but cleaning them is a huge chore?

Answer: Don’t worry! Nobody will think you’re not trying hard enough if your wisdom teeth are difficult to care for. It’s very common to choose wisdom teeth removal in this instance, since they are often extremely challenging to maintain.