Protect Yourself From A Winter Cold

Not too thrilled about the upcoming chilly weather because it usually ends with you sitting in your pajamas next to a box of tissues, making your way through the common cold? While you might be fully educated regarding the ins and outs of covering your mouth and nose when you sneeze, using hand sanitizer, and not sharing food with others, you might need some more help. Did you know that your dental hygiene can actually influence whether you stay healthy or catch that cold you’re avoiding? Let us explain more!

Be Careful With Shared Items

Think about the less obvious items that you share in the bathroom for your dental hygiene. Remember that while you clean your smile, your fingers are coming into contact with your mouth, which means you might be spreading germs to shared products like toothpaste (which you probably apply directly to your brush) and as you grab a shared container of dental floss. You might want to buy your own set for winter (or just remember to tell everyone to practice caution).

Don’t Share That Toothbrush!

You don’t want to share your toothbrush during any month of the year because it allows you to spread germs from person to person. This becomes every more important during cold and flu season because it’s an extremely easy way to guarantee if your spouse is sick, you’ll end up sick, too.

Buy A New Brush When You’re Better

The suggestion that you start over with dental hygiene products after you’re feeling better (if you catch a cold) isn’t an old wives’ tale. It’s true! Don’t place that toothbrush back in your mouth when you’re well again. Start over with a fresh new one.