How Dental Problems Age You

Did you know that when you don’t care for your smile or when little issues become big problems, your smile ends up looking older? As a result, you end up looking older, too? For those interested in maintaining a youthful appearance and avoiding an unnecessarily aged appearance, we have some helpful suggestions for you! Remember that your smile is one of the first features others look at when they speak with you. By relying on dental care tips, you can keep that grin of yours looking healthy, so the rest of you follows suit!

Tip #1: Remember, Unclean Teeth Become Stained

Don’t want to wake up one morning with a smile that looks yellow or brown? Fortunately, dental care is here to help. You see, when you avoid brushing and flossing, you skip cleanings, and you partake in staining foods/beverages and tobacco, your teeth will become stained. Your smile will then look quite aged. Avoid this mishap by cleaning your smile at home (and coming in for scheduled care).

Tip #2: Keep In Mind, Diseased Gums Recede

If your gums recede because of gum disease, this is certainly going to have an affect on your appearance. Recession of your gum tissue is something that’s often connected visually with aging. Unfortunately, this bodes poorly for your oral health, too. Remember to stay on top of prevention and to agree to periodontal treatment when necessary, so your gumline stays healthy, offering your smile a youthful framework.

Tip #3: Don’t Forget, Tooth Loss Takes Away Support

When you lose a tooth, it can quickly age your appearance if it is visible. Even when it is hidden, it can reduce the support your lower face receives. If tooth loss results in loss of jaw tissue (this is a natural effect), your lower facial framework will shrink. Keep the support and your voluminous appearance full and youthful by visiting us for dental care to replace missing teeth.