Early Detection: 3 Things To Consider

You probably hear us mention the importance of early detection quite often when we talk about your dental care. However, do you really understand what makes this so significant? Do you know why monitoring your oral health consistently is something we take so seriously or how it will positively affect your life? If the answer is, “Yes” then you are likely someone who keeps up with every facet of your preventive care. If not, allow us to offer a bit of enlightenment. It just might motivate you to get serious about your smile.

#1: Early Detection Is More Affordable

As you know, when we talk about early detection, we mean discovering the presence of a problem in its earliest stages of development. This could refer to the presence of tooth decay just as it’s beginning, the arrival of oral cancer, a damaged tooth, or anything else that could harm your oral health. It’s important to remember that this approach to your smile is more affordable than the alternative. Addressing problems immediately always requires the most conservative, budget-friendly treatments.

#2: It’s Easier

Relying on early detection is simply the easiest option. Why? As we mentioned, you’ll need the first treatment on the list for addressing a problem before it escalates. This could mean a dental filling instead of a root canal. It could mean a deep cleaning to address gingivitis instead of lifelong periodontal therapy.

#3: It Can Save Your Life

Early detection can save your life! The sooner oral cancer is detected, the greater your chance of survival. The sooner we detect an infection, the easier it is to stop an abscess and the rupturing of that abscess, which can actually threaten your life. Come in for checkups and your worries can fly out the window.