3 Holiday Smile Reminders (And What To Do)

As the holidays approach, one can practically smell the turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and every other last delicacy that approaches! As your mouth starts to water, we suggest taking this moment to consider some helpful holiday reminders to ensure you’re making the most of your dental care, so you’re getting the most out of exciting moments like holiday parties. We invite you to think over a few ways the holidays may serve as a bit of a nudge to do all that you can for a healthy, beautiful smile.

Reminder #1: You’re Not Happy With Your Smile’s Appearance

Maybe you realize when you’re face to face with relatives that you are really not very happy with the way your smile looks. Perhaps you have always wished for a straighter smile, maybe your teeth are somewhat yellow, or you might even feel embarrassed about a chip. What to do: Schedule a visit with us to discuss cosmetic dental care.

Reminder #2: You Need A Better Tooth Replacement Solution

As you’re chomping away at your turkey and other delicious dishes, do you notice that your tooth replacement solution isn’t very stable? Perhaps you avoid certain foods because you know chewing them is impossible. What to do: Schedule a visit with us, so we can discuss new dental care solutions for replacing your missing teeth.

Reminder #3: You’ve Been Ignoring Restorative Care

If you spend a lot of energy at a holiday party avoiding anything too sugary because it makes your tooth hurt (the one that has a cavity in it), this is your reminder: It really is time to come in for your restorative dental care. What to do: Use this as your motivation to come on in for your treatment, so you can enjoy yourself without trying to sidestep discomfort.