Root Canal Treatment: Top 2 Misconceptions

When we suggest a root canal treatment for your tooth, we know that the information you already have in your mind versus the factual details we would like for you to carry around with you are likely quite different. It’s very easy to begin believing misconceptions about dental care when you hear false information enough times (especially if it’s from someone you usually trust). In this time of social media, the Internet, and cell phones, information travels fast, even when it’s inaccurate! As a result, we would like to clear the air by addressing a couple very common misconceptions. It will help you feel informed and positive about keeping your oral health in excellent shape.

Misconception #1: It’s Going To Be Very Uncomfortable

No matter how many times you hear otherwise, we can tell you for a fact: There’s no reason for a root canal treatment to be uncomfortable. How can a dentist make such a statement? Well, because we numb your tooth, the tissue that surrounds it, and we offer sedation. You won’t feel a thing but relaxation.

Misconception #2: It’s Better To Just Remove Your Tooth

There are a couple reasons why saving your tooth is always better than removing your tooth. We suggest root canal treatment to rescue your tooth primarily because of the following:

  • Your tooth is essential in contributing to the protection of your jawbone. Did you know that your jaw tissue relies on special stimulation from the roots of each of your teeth, assisting in ensuring it receive the nutrients it requires to remain healthy and strong? It’s true!
  • Once you remove your tooth, you will need a new tooth to protect your jaw, to allow you to eat, to help you speak, and more.