Q&A: Porcelain Restoration Care

Are you excited to receive a porcelain restoration because it means you’ll have your smile back and it will look exceptional (and natural), too? Are you finding that your excitement is becoming somewhat overshadowed by ominous thoughts regarding how to care for this porcelain-crafted transformation once you return home from our practice? We know that you may think of porcelain as something that requires delicate handling but it’s actually very similar to your natural dental tissue. As a result, though you can continue with your usual maintenance, we are happy to answer pressing questions.

Questions and Answers: Porcelain

Question: Can I use an electric toothbrush on my porcelain restoration or will the vibrations cause damage?

Answer: You may go ahead and use an electric toothbrush on your natural teeth as well as on porcelain dental work. The vibrations are quite gentle yet effective for removing plaque. They will work on your natural teeth without harm, which means they are safe for your restorations, too.

Question: Why should I bother cleaning porcelain restorations?

Answer: You will need to continue maintaining every inch of your mouth that you can access because plaque does not discriminate. It will stick to your teeth, your artificial teeth, and coat your gums. If you clean everything but the porcelain crown in your smile, for example, you’re leaving behind bacteria that can affect adjacent teeth, that may irritate your gum tissue, and that can become a factor in bad breath.

Question: Is there anything I need to do differently when compared with my usual dental hygiene habits?

Answer: Nope. Actually, if you continue the habits we’ve instructed you to follow for natural teeth after your porcelain restorations are in place, you’ll do just fine. Brush twice a day, floss your smile once a day, and always remember the importance of your twice-annual visits.