Q&A: Don’t Fear Dental Crowns

Do you have some fears about dental crowns that you’re realizing are probably not all you’ve made them out to be? However, do you feel quite uncertain about this restorative dental treatment nonetheless? If so, we suggest you take a moment to ask some questions and receive clarification. In most instances, a crown can help you from losing a tooth when something serious is happening with your oral health. Let’s get your foundation of understanding a bit more firm with our quick crown Q&A session.

Questions and Answers: Crowns

Question: I know that a dental crown is an artificial tooth that covers what remains of my tooth. I’m worried that it will mess up my bite. Is this a possibility?

Answer: Not at our practice. When we place a crown, we begin by taking impressions to ensure the prosthetic fits just right with your smile. We can also make last minute adjustments before final placement. Saving your tooth is just as important as making sure the finished result is immaculate.

Question: I’m afraid that if you place a dental crown to address decay or after a root canal that the bacteria are going to become trapped beneath. Can you help me to feel better?

Answer: Of course we can. Before we place a crown, we thoroughly remove any existing infection or decay. We then smooth and prep the tooth. We place a crown to keep problems out, not to create new ones.

Question: I don’t know if I need a dental crown, so I’m worried that there’s something else I should have requested. Is this a possibility?

Answer: No. We make conservative choices, ensuring we only place a dental crown when absolutely necessary. Even if you were to suggest a filling, we would not provide a treatment that offers insufficient results.