Last-Minute Shopping: Alternatives To Halloween Candy

Did you just remember that it’s Halloween and you are frantically trying to come up with some last-minute shopping ideas? What seems to be the issue? Every store you step into will certainly be loaded with bags upon bags of candy. If you are someone who loves participating by handing out trick-or-treat goodies but you aren’t interested in contributing to tooth decay, we hear you! How about some helpful suggestions for you just before you head out the door?

Sugarless Gum

If you want to give the kids something sweet but you don’t want to worry you’re contributing to tooth decay, you might want to pick up some sugarless gum. It’s a yummy treat that trick-or-treaters enjoy, it’s nice and sweet, it can help protect smiles from decay, and it’s especially beneficial to chew after indulging in candy.

Glow-In-The Dark Necklaces

Go ahead and combine the festive feeling you have for Halloween with handing out something that will benefit the safety of trick-or-treaters. As you know, little ones often walk down dark streets as they make their way from house to house. Help mom and dad keep track of their kids (and help motorists see them) by offering glow-in-the-dark bracelets or necklaces. Kids love them and they will obviously not lead to tooth decay!


Kids enjoy stickers and they are easy to find at your local drugstore, grocery store, or arts and crafts store! Head out to purchase some Halloween theme stickers, so little ones can adorn themselves or adhere them to something longer lasting for a memento of this exciting holiday.