It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month

While you may not expect to hear about Breast Cancer Awareness Month from a dental practice, it’s important to realize that we are concerned about your comprehensive wellbeing! Like many illnesses, it’s something that patients often think is best swept under the rug because it’s scary to think about. However, by becoming thoughtful regarding this portion of your health, it’s a good springboard not only protecting yourself but for becoming more aware about other ways to keep your body and oral health safe and sound. Consider some suggestions.

Get More Involved

First, recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness Month (which occurs during October) means not only checking in on your own health but may also mean participating with the community around you. Perhaps you choose to take part in a walk/run or marathon going on in your area. Maybe it causes you to think about your health in general and the nutrition you provide yourself. Remember that becoming more active and eating a well-balanced diet is good for every inch of you, from your general wellbeing to your oral health! Any way that you get involved is beneficial.

Consider Other Forms Of Cancer

As you do your part to protect your own health and possibly those of the community within which you live, we encourage you to begin thinking proactively about your health on a regular basis. As dental professionals, we like to remind patients that a commonly overlooked form of illness is oral cancer. The good news is that by coming in for your twice-annual visits for your oral health, we will screen you for the disease. If it is present, immediate recognition and treatment goes a long way toward quickly eradicating the problem.