Is It Sleep Apnea?

Are you recognizing that something isn’t really right with your health these days but you don’t feel sick? Are you tired of feeling tired and experiencing other issues that usually come with sleepless nights … only you don’t remember having trouble sleeping? If so, it’s high time you talk with us about whether you need sleep apnea treatment. While you might assume your sleep is just fine, this sneaky issue can affect you without your ability to witness it as it occurs. Not sure how to feel about these strange details? Let us help.

Come Talk To Us

Since sleep apnea affects you while you’re sleeping, there’s a good chance you won’t remember the event (which includes a cessation of breath, followed by your brain waking your body because you need to start breathing again). What you will notice, however, is the symptoms that result. To avoid attempting to figure all of this out on your own and becoming more confused, we suggest you schedule a consultation. If you need sleep apnea treatment, we will demystify what’s occurring and help you regain your sleep.

Consider The Symptoms

How do you know if it’s sleep apnea treatment that you need or something completely different? Fortunately, you can rely in part on symptoms that frequently accompany sleep apnea. If you wake up with a sore throat and dry mouth, this commonly happens due to waking consistently through the night to breathe (and the heavy snoring that is also likely). You might also find that you feel extremely fatigued on a daily basis and it never lets up. Add to that the types of issues that come with fatigue, like feeling irritable or unable to concentrate, and you become a likely candidate for sleep apnea treatment.