Dental Emergency Q&A: Does My Concern Qualify?

One of the most common obstacles we find that patients run into with contacting us during a dental emergency is the fact that they aren’t sure they’re experiencing one. Fortunately, figuring out whether it’s a good time to call us for urgent care (or not) is simpler than you might think! Take a helpful Q&A session into consideration and feel free to ask additional questions over the phone or during your next visit.

Questions and Answers: Emergencies

Question: If I experience an accident that leaves me losing a lot of blood from my mouth, should I come see you? Does this qualify as a dental emergency?

Answer: When you are losing a significant amount of blood, it does not qualify as an emergency for our practice. It puts your life in danger, which means it is considered a true medical emergency. As a result, we urge you to dial 911 or to have someone drive you to the nearest emergency room in your area.

Question: What if I have an event coming up but my smile doesn’t look very good? Can I schedule a visit for a dental emergency to receive teeth whitening or another type of cosmetic treatment?

Answer: No. You may, of course, give us a call, explain, and we will do what we can to find you the earliest appointment available. However, emergency care is reserved for sudden traumas that affect your oral health only.

Question: Can you give me an idea of some of the more frequent reasons that patients come in for immediate care as the result of a dental emergency?

Answer: Of course! Common traumas include debris lodged between teeth, a chip, a dislodged tooth, a bad or continuing toothache, or damaged restorations.