Dental Care: Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until After Halloween

Does your tooth hurt? Are you certain you need a dental filling? Have you been meaning to come in for your preventive visit since you were due for a checkup and cleaning in June? When you’ve been putting off dental care, it’s easy to find one more reason to continue to do so. In regard to Halloween, for instance, you might think to yourself that you should just load your smile up with candy as a last hurrah and then schedule a visit. We have some ideas about why this is actually not your best approach. Instead, if you are in serious need of care, contact us immediately.

A Problem Might Be Brewing

If your tooth hurts, you need a filling, or something else isn’t sitting right with you about your smile, you need to let us know you need dental care right now. Choosing to indulge in foods that might further aggravate a problem is not the best decision. Rather than allowing a decayed tooth to break, a sensitive tooth to hurt more, or an infected tooth to become too infected to save, we suggest you contact us immediately for a visit. We can assess the situation and see you as soon as is necessary.

There Are More Holidays On The Horizon

If you call us to let us know it’s been a while since your last dental care visit, we may either schedule you quickly or we might set up a time for you after Halloween has passed. This depends on your schedule and your unique needs. What you should remember, however, is that contacting us right away instead of waiting is very important. If you’re waiting for Halloween to pass, you may quickly find yourself waiting for Thanksgiving to pass, then Christmas, then the New Year, then Valentine’s Day. All the while, plaque and tartar are accumulating on your smile. Let us care for your oral health as soon as we can! Give us a call before the holidays sweep you away.