4 Questions To Ask Yourself On A Timeline

When you’re doing your best to protect your oral health, you may occasionally wonder if perhaps you need a second set of eyes or a new approach. It’s very easy to fall into habits and patterns and to then wonder if you’re continuing to follow best practices (or if you’re overlooking essential details that can make or break your success). Fortunately, asking yourself some timeline-based questions can often snap you out of your daze and let you take an objective look at your routine.

Question #1: Have I Brushed And Flossed Today?

Ask yourself on a daily basis if you have brushed and flossed. If the answer is, “no” or if you have only brushed once (or haven’t flossed) by the time you get into bed, you need to make a change. Good oral health relies on brushing twice daily as well as flossing once daily.

Question #2: Have I Skipped Anything This Week?

It’s often easy to think that if you’ve missing a brushing or flossing session occasionally that it’s no big deal. Unfortunately, every missed session greatly enhances your chance of facing decay in the future. Ask yourself at the end of each week how you did to make sure you’re remaining committed.

Question #3: Am I Running Out Of Anything This Month?

Don’t wait until you’re stuck without toothpaste, a toothbrush, or dental floss. Instead, check in on a monthly basis to see if any of your oral health products are running low, so you can fill up early.

Question #4: Have I Seen The Dentist Twice This Year?

As for the oral health protection you provide yourself outside of your home, do an annual check-in. You should see us two times on an annual basis (a visit once every six months).