2 Tips During National Dental Hygiene Month

Now that it’s National Dental Hygiene Month (and you thought it was only Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Halloween Month, and National Book Month!), it’s a nice time to sit back, reflect on the first nine months of the year, and ask yourself how you’ve been doing. Are you feeling like you deserve a gold star for your efforts in dental hygiene? Or, do you feel like you’re definitely in need of some helpful suggestions to revitalize your habits? Good news: We have a couple very helpful tips.

Tip #1: Have More Fun

If you’re not having any fun at all with your dental hygiene, we suggest you find a way to do so. It will help you remain dedicated (happily) over the course of your lifetime, which is what dental care requires. A lifetime of commitment. For starters, add sugarless chewing gum to your daily life (it’s good for your smile), try out products that interest you (like a water flosser), and listen to music while you brush and floss!

Tip #2: Stop Taking All The Responsibility

Yes, it’s true that it is your responsibility to brush your teeth, to floss your smile, to schedule visits, to purchase dental hygiene products, and the list goes on and on. However, it’s our job to provide cleanings and exams, to help you when you’re not sure which products to buy, and to offer suggestions and guidelines when you don’t know if you’re caring for your smile correctly. Keep this in mind and take advantage of professional care! We will always be happy to offer guidance.