Month: October 2016

Last-Minute Shopping: Alternatives To Halloween Candy

Did you just remember that it’s Halloween and you are frantically trying to come up with some last-minute shopping ideas? What seems to be the issue? Every store you step into will certainly be loaded with bags upon bags of candy. If you are someone who loves participating by handing out trick-or-treat goodies but you… Read more »

Dental Emergency Q&A: Does My Concern Qualify?

One of the most common obstacles we find that patients run into with contacting us during a dental emergency is the fact that they aren’t sure they’re experiencing one. Fortunately, figuring out whether it’s a good time to call us for urgent care (or not) is simpler than you might think! Take a helpful Q&A… Read more »

Dental Sedation: A Quiz

Do you want to talk with us about dental sedation but you’re worried we will tell you that it’s not for you? If this is causing you to avoid asking, we strongly suggest you let this worry go. Why? Well, because we offer nitrous oxide, which is safe, gentle, and effective, and generally well suited… Read more »

Q&A: Porcelain Restoration Care

Are you excited to receive a porcelain restoration because it means you’ll have your smile back and it will look exceptional (and natural), too? Are you finding that your excitement is becoming somewhat overshadowed by ominous thoughts regarding how to care for this porcelain-crafted transformation once you return home from our practice? We know that… Read more »

Chewing Gum: The Surprising Truth

Have you found yourself feeling unsure about what to do when someone offers you a piece of gum? Perhaps there was a time when you threw a pack of gum in with the rest of your groceries during each trip to the store but those happy moments seem like a distant memory. Don’t worry, your… Read more »

The Monster Mash!

Have you been listening to the “Monster Mash” on repeat, practicing your best Halloween moves as you prepare for parties and candy alike? If so, your efforts will not be wasted! That is, as long as you take a little time to show up for the upcoming community event! About the Event This event is… Read more »

4 Questions To Ask Yourself On A Timeline

When you’re doing your best to protect your oral health, you may occasionally wonder if perhaps you need a second set of eyes or a new approach. It’s very easy to fall into habits and patterns and to then wonder if you’re continuing to follow best practices (or if you’re overlooking essential details that can… Read more »

3 Good Reasons To Choose Implants

There’s something about looking for a good enough reason to move ahead with dental treatments that can become difficult. After all, how does one qualify something as good enough to make it worthwhile? As you likely already know, this can become highly subjective (making your final decision that much more challenging). To help you along… Read more »

Dental Bridges: Important Facts

Are you finding that you’re becoming more and more curious about dental bridges in your search for the best way to address tooth loss? The good news is that a bridge is often a wonderful option for patients looking for a long-term solution for replacing missing teeth. However, you may quickly discover that the details from… Read more »

Harvest Day!

Are you quite the fan of your kids spending time outdoors but you’re all for finding something that doesn’t require you to help them pull together a costume (and that doesn’t include them getting their hands on pounds of sugar-filled candy)? No problem! An upcoming fall harvest event is just the ticket! What Is This?… Read more »