Will Wisdom Teeth Cause TMJ Disorder?

It’s understandable, considering the placement of wisdom teeth in the back of your smile, that you would think these teeth might play a role in the development of TMJ disorder (TMD). However, this isn’t exactly how things work. TMD occurs as the result of damage to the jaw joint or ligament or due to excessive strain. There are a lot of reasons that your jaw issue may occur. However, your third molars are not one of them. Allow us to help you navigate this excellent question, so you know how to proceed if you are experiencing discomfort.

Why You Think So

When you are dealing with problematic wisdom teeth, there are some common things that may occur. If the teeth are growing on a poor angle, they can place pressure against your teeth, which leads to serious discomfort. If you have impacted third molars, you may experience discomfort, the formation of cysts, and even infection. All of the discomfort you feel is in the same general region as your jaw joints, so it’s easy to become confused. In addition, if you already have TMD (even if you don’t realize it), this discomfort can aggravate the situation. However, it will not cause it.

What To Do

So you know you need your wisdom teeth removed and you think you may have TMD. As you probably have surmised, the best thing to do: Call us. Give us a quick rundown of the sensations you are experiencing and then come in for a visit. If your wisdom teeth are growing poorly or are impacted, removal is essential. If TMD is also occurring, we will provide you with a plan to take the third molars out and to protect your jaws with a gentle therapy using an oral appliance.