Pumpkin Seeds: A Seasonal Delight Or Fright?

So, you’ve spent what feels like approximately 15 hours removing the seeds from a pumpkin, carving the pumpkin, and now it’s time to clean up. You take a look at the seeds and think about how delicious they are when roasted, which leads you to an important question: Are pumpkin seeds good for your oral health? As a matter of fact, they do provide your teeth with multiple benefits (not to mention, they provide you with good-for-your-entire-body nutrients, as well). Let’s offer you some convincing details about why you should go ahead and roast them up.

They’re Full Of Nutrients

Pumpkin seeds are wonderful for your oral health because they are dense in nutrients that help keep your enamel, teeth, and bones nice and strong. For instance, these include magnesium (good for teeth and keeping your body’s bones healthy), zinc (an immune system booster, which helps prevent infection), and calcium (very important for strong teeth and bones).

They’re Easy To Chew

In general, pumpkin seeds make a nice choice because they offer a savory treat that isn’t too hard on your teeth. If you enjoy snacking while watching a movie or reading, for instance, choosing pumpkin seeds is an easy to enjoy, healthy treat that will keep you satiated while helping you avoid snacks that don’t protect teeth and gums.

They Help You Salivate

Nibbling on these seeds that are good for your health and oral health is a wonderful way to snack. Did you know that this chewing and eating process is also something that helps you salivate and that the saliva flow in your mouth is very important? It’s true. Saliva rinses bacteria from tooth surfaces, helping keep decay at bay.