Nitrous Oxide: Common Questions

Do you find that even though you have some knowledge of nitrous oxide, you don’t have as much as you would like? This is quite common in just about any area of dental care if it’s something with which you have very little experience. We would like to remind you that you should feel completely comfortable (and even encouraged) asking more information of us in person. At the moment, take some time to consider our answers to some very common questions.

Questions and Answers

Question: One of the reasons I’m requesting sedation is the fact that I find specific tastes and smells quite overwhelming. Is nitrous oxide displeasing in flavor or scent?

Answer: No! Fortunately, it has a gentle, sweet fragrance and flavor, so you can rest assured that it’s something that is inoffensive.

Question: How do I know if choosing this option is a safe decision for me or not?

Answer: There are a few ways we can help you feel better about the safety of this type of sedation. First, we will provide it to you only once we feel certain you are physically healthy enough to receive it. Second, we will closely watch your vitals throughout your appointment, customizing the amount you receive as needed. Third, this is a very gentle sedative, which has been used for more than 100 years, so you may rely in part on its reliability.

Question: Is there anything I need to do in preparation for receiving nitrous oxide?

Answer: We will provide you with specific pre-procedure instructions, so you are ready. Generally speaking, you will need to avoid eating for two or more hours before your treatment.