Fillings: 3 Reasons To Relax

You might find your blood pressure increasing and your heart pitter-pattering in reaction to your future dental filling appointment. While you know it’s not the end of the world, you might have a hard time flipping that perspective around into something very positive. To help you recognize that you can feel completely relaxed (even … dare we say it … excited) about your filling, we provide you with a few shockingly compelling reasons to take us at our word.

Reason #1: It Will Be Comfortable And Quick

Within a single visit (during which we apply local anesthetic and also offer laughing gas), you will come in, enjoy a relaxing and comfortable procedure to remove decay and fill your tooth, and you’ll be done. Easy.

Reason #2: It’s Literally Saving You Time, Pain, Effort, And Money

Your dental filling is going to save you a ton of figurative headaches in the future (and possibly literal ones, as well). When you let decay get the best of your tooth, it can destroy your tooth, lead to additional oral health issues, cause discomfort, and more. This may see you spending more money on a root canal or crown and visiting us for more complex care. A filling will let you sidestep all of the extra complications.

Reason #3: Your Tooth Will Look Great

Worried because you think the cavity you have been hiding (or that has been making your tooth look not so great) is going to end with an eyesore of a tooth? Absolutely not something you need to worry about. At our practice, we place tooth-colored dental fillings. This means it is going to match your tooth, so everything looks pretty much good as new.