Can My Teeth Cause Their Own Damage?

When we think about our bodies and injury, we often look to outside sources as the culprits. However, there are factors that can cause trouble and discomfort that do not come from without … but from within. For instance, if you become quite stressed and tense, you can end up with a tension headache. The same is true for your teeth. If something is not quite right, you can end up with damage. Allow us to give you some insight into how this might work (and how to keep your oral health protected) with some examples.

Yes, When Your Bite Is Unbalanced

Do you have a perfectly straight smile? Do all of your teeth fit together like puzzle pieces, lending a nice, comfortable bite? If not, there could be trouble with your oral health! Even minor imbalances with your bite can lead to damaged teeth (if they hit one another incorrectly, for example). It can also cause problems like bruxism or TMD and even hygiene-related problems like decay. Fortunately, by seeking out methods of improving your alignment and/or bite (which may include orthodontics or replacing poor dental work), you can keep your teeth from experiencing erosion, chips, cracks, and more.

Yes, When You Have A Functional Disorder

Whether caused by the aforementioned bite issue or not, you may experience problems that become part of a cycle that can damage your teeth and your oral health in general. We refer to these problems, which are unrelated to hygiene, as functional disorders. Perhaps you grind your teeth together when you’re nervous (or when you don’t even notice you’re doing it). This type of daily issue can wear down your teeth, leaving you with everything from mild erosion to tooth loss. Schedule time with us every six months for a checkup, so we can keep this from happening with effective treatment.