5 Ways To Protect Your Smile

When you think about all of the things that could possibly go wrong with your smile and all of the structures that support it, you can find yourself wondering how on earth anyone makes it through life with a healthy grin! True, there are a lot of factors out there that can lead to damage or illness. However, avoiding them is as easy as becoming knowledgeable regarding preventive care and simple tips for keeping your oral health safe. Let’s go through a rapid-fire collection of helpful ways to protect your smile.

#1: Stop Chewing Habits

Want to protect the function of your oral health as much as you want healthy teeth and gums? Stop chewing on gum, tobacco, your nails, pens, the arm of your sunglasses, ice, and anything else that isn’t part of your meal or healthy snack. It will protect your jaw joints and teeth.

#2: Brush And Floss Daily

We cannot state this enough. The majority of the preventive protection you can provide your oral health comes from brushing your smile every day, two times a day and remembering to floss your entire smile once a day.

#3: Commit To Professional Care

On equal level with home dental hygiene is deciding to commit to professional care services, as well. Combining plaque removal at home with plaque removal and checkups at our practice twice annually will help shield your smile from problems, such as decay.

#4: Rinse After Meals

Rinse your smile after you eat or drink (unless you’re drinking plain water). This will rinse sugars and carbs from your teeth to help you avoid decay and gingivitis.

#5: Call Us When You Need Us

Did something change? Does something hurt? Do you have a question about your oral health but you don’t know how to arrive at an accurate answer? Don’t be shy! Contact us.