Why Dentists Suggest Dental Sealants

Do you ever wonder to yourself why dentists suggest dental sealants for children? Perhaps you are equally curious about why we might suggest them for your child but choose not to suggest them for you, an adult. When it comes to successful children’s dentistry, we focus on providing treatments that will protect growing smiles, while doing our best to promote successful care at home. Stick around to learn a little bit more about how sealants can help.

Sealants For Kids (Usually Not For Adults)

In some instances, we might suggest dental sealants for adults. This might occur if an adult is experiencing a problem that leaves him or her extremely vulnerable to tooth decay on back tooth surfaces. For the most part, however, adults have the years of practice with brushing that children do not. The result? Kids can easily miss back surfaces, which happen to be full of little spaces in which plaque and food easily become trapped. Rather than leave children exposed to this threat, we prefer to seal back teeth as their habits evolve and improve.

What Makes Sealants Effective?

What causes dental sealants to offer such extraordinary protection? Their names are not figurative but self-explanatory. They seal in the vulnerable, highly grooved surfaces of back teeth. They essentially create a solid, impenetrable barrier on which plaque, bacteria, and food will rest (rather than become wedged within small crevices). Your child can more easily sweep debris away while brushing (and if a bit is left behind, it will not make contact with the aforementioned tooth tissue). Translation: This will help prevent cavities.