Why Aren’t My Teeth Still White?

Did you receive teeth whitening many, many years ago and you have noticed that your teeth aren’t as vivid as they once were? What you may not have realized is that your teeth are porous, so they can become stained again or simply become less vibrant over time as the result of the usual wear and tear that comes with daily eating and drinking. The good news is that we have some solutions that can help you regain that dazzling smile you were initially so pleased to attain.

Whitening Them Back Up

If you are interested in getting your smile back to that megawatt appearance, we will generally suggest that you come in to see us for teeth whitening. Re-whitening after several years is not an uncommon practice. It’s a simply way to erase any discoloration that has occurred. However, we do suggest that you avoid heading to the store for over-the-counter whitening strips or other products, which could lead to damage instead of the esthetic results you were hoping for.

Keeping Them That Way

While the whiter appearance of your teeth is obviously not completely permanent, you may be able to get a lot more wear out of the teeth whitening treatment than during your first go around. Here’s what you need to remember to protect those teeth:

  • Don’t snack on staining foods throughout the day. If you’re going to choose something like red wine, coffee, dark sauces, or other staining items, eat them in an isolated sitting and then rinse and brush afterward to prevent stains.
  • Make sure you’re brushing your teeth twice a day without fail.
  • Ensure you are flossing once a day without forgetting.
  • Come in to see us every six months, as well, so we can keep your teeth as clean as possible, which will help prevent stains.