3 Ways To Help Someone’s Smile

Do you know someone who would like to receive dental care but who is too anxious or worried to do so? We understand that as a committed dental patient, you may find yourself feeling a little flabbergasted by someone close to you who needs oral health care but who is extremely hesitant. While it’s impossible to convince someone of your good experience, it’s entirely possible to give them a little insight into what makes taking care of your smile such a breeze. Allow us to suggest a few ways you might be able to get through to your friend or loved one.

#1: Talk About Us!

If your loved one needs dental care, we certainly don’t mind if you happen to mention our practice in conversation. Talk about any anxieties you have had and explain what makes your experience with us a positive one.

#2: Mention Sedation

Believe it or not, there are many patients who don’t realize dental sedation is an option. For many, this is the missing link that helps them feel comfortable enough to schedule a dental care visit. If you know someone who desperately wants to find a dental practice but suffers from too much anxiety, bring up the fact that we offer nitrous oxide and that is provides a calm experience.

#3: Bring Up Products You Like

For some, relying on home dental hygiene is an important first step when coming in for a visit is still out of the question. You might be able to help someone who isn’t quite sure by mentioning your own experience in trying to find good products. Maybe you found a brush, toothpaste, or floss you like. Mention the surprise and talk a little bit about what it has taken you to find your natural rhythm with caring for your teeth. Your friend might even respond with questions!