3 Times You Sabotage Your Gums

You might not ever intentionally set out to damage your gums but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Of course, what most patients would prefer is to enjoy gum tissue that stays nice and healthy and comfortable for a lifetime. However, you might not realize that there are some very common pitfalls patients can completely overlook, which leads to significant gum health sabotage! Since your dental care shouldn’t be a guessing game, we are happy to spell out some things to watch out for to ensure you’re doing all you can for your gingival tissue.

Time #1: When You Skip Dental Hygiene “Just This Once”

Our culture tends to think that “everything in moderation” is a protective shield to hide behind. For instance, it’s okay to eat a donut every now and then without it affecting one’s health or weight. It’s fine to skip class once in a blue moon because it’s not going to affect one’s ability to catch up. While this may be true in other areas, it’s not accurate within dental care. This is in references to your gum health, as well. Skip dental hygiene just once and you can end up with tartar that will swiftly promote gum disease (and cavities).

Time #2: When You Decide Flossing Isn’t Worth It

About that whole “just once” idea. Now imagine that you are simply not flossing at all. The consequence is a simple one: The plaque between teeth and under your gumline will harden into tartar. You won’t be able to get rid of it (without our help). It will build up and it will inflame your gum tissue, which can quickly lead to gum health problems.

Time #3: When You Ignore Our “Brush Softly!” Suggestion

If you don’t brush softly, you will irritate your gums. Consistent irritation will lead to recession, which will cause a domino effect (as in, oral health complications will follow).