Month: August 2016

Quiz: Is Your Beverage “Smile Safe?”

Particularly for patients who invest a lot of time and effort into making thoughtful beverage choices, finding out that some favorites may or may not be safe can be a bit shocking! Then, there are those individuals who essentially think of themselves and their favorite drink as “one.” This is commonly the case for coffee… Read more »

Quiz: Preventing Cracks And Breaks

Did you know that in addition to the goal of preventing gingivitis, cavities, and more, that it’s also equally important to keep your teeth intact by avoiding cracks and breaks? Furthermore, did you know that the aforementioned illnesses can actually influence the likelihood of whether your tooth becomes cracked or broken? The fortunate news is… Read more »

Why Dentists Suggest Dental Sealants

Do you ever wonder to yourself why dentists suggest dental sealants for children? Perhaps you are equally curious about why we might suggest them for your child but choose not to suggest them for you, an adult. When it comes to successful children’s dentistry, we focus on providing treatments that will protect growing smiles, while… Read more »

De-Stress Your Dental Care

Do you find that you spend a surprising amount of energy stressing or worrying about dental care? You might not even notice the amount of tension that builds up regarding keeping your smile healthy until you reflect on your usual approach. For instance, do you exert a lot of thought trying to figure out when… Read more »

3 Times You Sabotage Your Gums

You might not ever intentionally set out to damage your gums but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Of course, what most patients would prefer is to enjoy gum tissue that stays nice and healthy and comfortable for a lifetime. However, you might not realize that there are some very common pitfalls patients can completely… Read more »

Be The Dinosaur

Are you a huge fan of dinos? How about your spouse, friends, little ones … do they love dinosaurs, too? Get the whole gang together and get ready to head out to one of the most amazing dinosaur exhibits you’ve ever experienced. What Is This? This is the Be The Dinosaur exhibit, which will take… Read more »

We Thought You’d Never Ask!

What is it that you would like to ask us (but you don’t for fear of exposing your lack of dental care knowledge)? Any chance you have some very basic inquiries that you want to bring up but you show up visit after visit without letting us know you need a little extra guidance? If… Read more »

OTC Whitening Quiz: Why We Suggest You Avoid It

Have you been fighting the urge lately to choose OTC teeth whitening for your smile because you know it’s “bad” (but you aren’t actually able to come up with any reasons it’s a less than ideal choice for your teeth)? We applaud your decision to stick to your intuition and to stay away from an over-the-counter… Read more »

Review: What Can I Fix With Cosmetic Care?

Are you excited because you seem to think that you heard cosmetic care fixes most esthetic problems? However, you aren’t quite able to put your finger on each type of concern, how we address your issues, and whether cosmetic treatments will repair your particular damage? No problem! We are always happy to review our services with… Read more »

Why Aren’t My Teeth Still White?

Did you receive teeth whitening many, many years ago and you have noticed that your teeth aren’t as vivid as they once were? What you may not have realized is that your teeth are porous, so they can become stained again or simply become less vibrant over time as the result of the usual wear and tear… Read more »