Two Times Root Canal Treatment is Necessary

Root canal treatment isn’t the most popular dental procedure, but for many patients, it can mean the difference between saving and losing a tooth. The good news is that much of the trepidation surrounding root canal treatment is unwarranted. With today’s advanced equipment, your dentist can complete the procedure in a single visit, and with minimal discomfort. If you need root canal treatment, then hesitating could place your tooth at greater risk of becoming lost or needing extraction.

When a Tooth is Severely Infected

Root canal treatment, or endodontic treatment, focuses on the inside of your tooth and the root canal connected to it. When your tooth develops a cavity, the decay can eventually reach the pulp chamber and soft tissues of the tooth, potentially spreading through the root canal. To save the tooth and your oral health, your dentist can carefully remove the internal infection, then seal the root canal and pulp chamber.

When a Tooth is Cracked or Fractured

A tooth can decay even if it is structurally sound, but when the tooth is cracked or fractured, its pulp tissues may be immediately vulnerable to harmful oral bacteria. Before restoring the tooth, such as with a dental crown, your dentist might recommend performing root canal treatment first to ensure that your tooth isn’t crowned with an infection still inside of it.