Review: Common Cosmetic Care Questions

Do you have questions about what you can expect from cosmetic care, how to approach this option for creating a better looking smile, and more? When questions pop up, we want to remind you that the best place to go for answers is to our practice. We are happy to walk you through the experience and potential outcomes of choosing cosmetic dentistry for yourself. Let’s get started with a Q&A session that will offer some initial insight.

Questions and Answers: Cosmetic Dentistry

Question: When is the best time to begin considering cosmetic dentistry for myself?

Answer: There are a couple different answers. First, it’s best to embark on a path toward a better-looking smile when your teeth are healthy. Second, it’s time to move forward when you feel ready to address smile imperfections – there’s no rush.

Question: So, about there being “no rush.” If I don’t choose teeth whitening or some other cosmetic care treatment today, will it eventually become too late to improve my smile?

Answer: No. We can always help you make your smile look better. If you go quite a while without addressing problems, we may suggest different treatments in the future but your ability to attain a smile you like will not disappear.

Question: If I need multiple cosmetic care treatments, do I have to have them done all at once? Or, can I choose one and then have the other done later?

Answer: You may choose a variety of options. You may have all of them done closely together, spread apart, a couple at a time – the choice is yours.