Q&A: Old Dental Work

When you receive a restoration in your smile, it’s a happy day! Whether you’ve been dealing with a broken tooth, an esthetically displeasing issue, a cavity, or a missing tooth, restoring your oral health and the appearance of your grin is a huge relief. However, you might not think much about what to expect down the road. For instance, how long is that restorative treatment going to last – and what can you do if it starts to appear worn? Don’t worry. You have questions … and we’ve got answers.

Questions and Answers: Old Restorations

Question: How long do I have to keep old dental work? Should I wait until it’s falling apart?

Answer: There’s no minimum or maximum amount of time that we expect patients to live with restorative treatments. If a restoration looks and functions well for many years, then there’s no reason to replace it. However, if you come to us with old dental work that is esthetically poor or that is having a negative effect on your oral health or daily life, then it is likely time to replace it.

Question: Can you make old dental work look better with cosmetic dentistry?

Answer: If we have provided you with a restorative treatment that includes artificial tissue, such as a crown, bridge, denture, filling, or otherwise, we cannot improve upon it with cosmetic care. We can, however, create an alternative plan to improve your smile.

Question: What should I do if I am unhappy with my dental work?

Answer: Schedule a visit to discuss your concerns. By examining your smile and determining the condition of your dental work, we can tailor a plan to your needs that will include making changes or replacements.