Is It Time For A Cleaning And Checkup?

Are you not really sure when you’re supposed to schedule a dental cleaning and checkup but you are certain it’s something you need to do eventually? It’s likely you know that this preventive visit is a task you need to be taking care of on a regular basis, but the frequency is what’s causing a bit of confusion. Don’t worry – whether you’re already mostly on track but have a couple inquiries or simply feel at a complete loss, we are ready to provide you with the insight you need to practice excellent care for your smile.

Does Something Feel Different?

Whether you have just had a dental cleaning and checkup, if it’s almost time for your next visit, or if it’s been quite a while, if something doesn’t feel like it usually does … call us. The sooner we get you in for a visit, the sooner we can identify what’s happening with your oral health. Then, of course, we may make treatment suggestions or let you know that everything is already A-OK.

Do Your Teeth Feel “Grimy?”

Do you notice that no matter how well you seem to brush and floss, your teeth don’t feel clean? This is often something that occurs when you have skipped a dental cleaning and checkup or two. If it’s been longer than six months since your last preventive visit, come on in so we can determine what’s going on (perhaps you need a few tips for improved home dental hygiene) and address the issue.

Has It Been Six Months (Or Longer)?

If it has been six months or longer since your last dental cleaning and checkup, it’s time for another – we like to see you twice a year, every year!