FAQs: Addressing Issues With Dimensions

What’s going on with the dimensions of your smile that has you displeased? If you are under the impression that we can only fix issues like damage or discoloration, recognize that we can also address problems with the measurements of your smile, as well. For example, perhaps one tooth is obviously longer than those that surround it – we can fix this. Curious about how we go about making such changes and whether cosmetic care can help with your particular issue? Allow us to begin connecting the dots for you with an FAQ session (which we invite you to follow up by scheduling a visit).

Frequently Asked Questions: Dimensions

Question: What if I don’t like the measurements of my teeth or particular teeth but it’s not my entire smile as a single unit that I’m worried about? Can you help me?

Answer: Yes. Our cosmetic care treatments, including bonding, contouring, and porcelain veneers all offer potential improvements for your issues. We may even provide a porcelain crown if necessary.

Question: What if it is my entire smile that’s bothering me? Can you do something for a smile with dimensions that seem too small for all of the teeth it houses? Or, can you do something for a smile that seems too narrow?

Answer: Yes. When you are looking to shift your teeth into a different alignment, this calls for braces or another orthodontic treatment. We may suggest Realine for minor issues or may refer you to a trusted orthodontist for more significant needs.

Question: What if I feel like my teeth look short but I don’t actually have small teeth? Can you address proportion problems like this?

Answer: Of course! We will determine whether your teeth are, in fact, too short – or if you have excess gum tissue that requires a cosmetic care treatment called gum contouring (it will reveal more tooth tissue to improve the esthetic proportions of your smile).