Do You Outgrow The Need for Dental Checkups?

You are probably aware that good oral care should start early. It is recommended that children start seeing a dentist whenever their teeth start to erupt, or by their first birthday. The need for regular dental checkups is never outgrown. Even adults who have excellent check ups for many years should not think healthy teeth and gums will always be a given. Establishing a relationship with a family dentist means more caring eyes on your teeth. It also means that expert advice is close at hand if issues arise.

Brushing Challenges As We Age

Even the best brushing doesn’t clean as well as a visit to the dentist. We have specialized technology to help us examine our teeth, and clean in places you can’t reach. Older eyes may have trouble seeing to brush or floss. Older hands may find a toothbrush grip less comfortable. Tooth problems tend to increase with age, and regular dental checkups and cleanings allow us to catch things early and offer solutions.

General Health Problems Can Affect Teeth

General health problems that may appear in adulthood, such as diabetes and Parkinson’s disease can affect your teeth and gums. Research indicates that cardiovascular health may be connected to periodontal health (the health of your teeth and gums.) Impaired memory function may mean brushing is less thorough or less often. Medications can cause dry mouth, which affects oral health. Regular dental visits are smart (and necessary) no matter your age.