Addressing Your Canker Sore Concerns

Do you find that your oral health is generally in good shape until … suddenly … you have a canker sore? This can often cause some concern (and a bit of discomfort), leaving patients uncertain about what to do. The good news is that the presence of this type of sore is nothing to feel worried about. However, we understand that with a bit of pain comes multiple questions about what’s happening, why, and what to do. Allow us to address some common thoughts on the topic, so you can feel better about your mouth.

Concerns And Responses

Concern: Should I avoid sharing food or kissing someone I love if I have a canker sore?

Response: Fortunately, this type of sore is not contagious, which means sharing a drink, food, or kiss is not going to transmit it to someone else.

Concern: Does this mean there’s something wrong with my oral health that requires treatment?

Response: No. Unless you are dealing with a canker sore that is presenting a serious problem for you (or unless multiple sores are occurring at the same time), we consider them to be harmless. Simply give them a bit of time to go away.

Concern: My canker sore hurts! I know I shouldn’t touch it but it’s driving me crazy – can I do something to feel better?

Response: Yes. You are correct that it’s best to give it time to heal without disturbing it. However, if discomfort persists, you may wish to purchase an over-the-counter oral analgesic that includes numbing properties. Follow the instructions to apply the product to the sore to achieve optimal relief.