Smile Texture: FAQs

As you may have noticed, your tongue is quite the sensitive organ when it comes to recognizing changes with your smile. Something stuck between your teeth? Your tongue will feel it, so you know it’s time for a quick flossing. A chipped tooth? Your tongue will notice this, too! However, you may find that you’re not always very certain about what your tongue is feeling or what you can do about it. Let’s examine some textural concerns with your smile, while explaining how dental care can help.

Frequently Asked Questions: Smile Texture

Question: I’ve noticed that my tooth suddenly feels sharp but I cannot tell exactly what is happening. What is the problem and can you help me?

Answer: In most instances, this is a sign that your tooth has become chipped. Even a minor chip that leaves a sharp edge is something that your tongue can pick up on – and that might cause some discomfort. We offer cosmetic dental care for minor issues like this (generally dental bonding) to replace the missing tissue.

Question: The chewing edges of my front teeth have little bumps that have been there since I got my permanent teeth when I was a teenager! I don’t mind how they feel but I do not like how they look – can you help?

Answer: Yes, we can offer cosmetic dental care in the form of dental contouring to smooth out these ridges known as “mamelons” that are completely normal.

Question: My teeth just feel sort of rough but they’re not damaged in any way. I usually get a clean bill of health after a trip to the dentist. What’s wrong?

Answer: It’s likely time for your next dental cleaning! When plaque builds up on your teeth – especially if it has time to become the cement-like substance we call “tartar” – it can cause your teeth to feel anything but clean and smooth.