Protect Your Beauty: Dental Implants

While you are, of course, extremely concerned with replacing missing teeth because they can lead to a number of oral health problems (like an increase in decay), you may have something else on your mind. Don’t worry, if you’re feeling very concerned about the appearance of your smile, there’s nothing wrong with this! Esthetics is a huge part of dental care because we want to ensure not only that your smile is healthy but also that it looks beautiful. To address all of your concerns, you may wish to learn more about how dental implants protect your beauty – it just might help you make a final decision.

They Protect Your Smile

First things first, dental implants will protect and improve the beauty of your smile. Let’s discuss details here. Initially, you will notice that there are unsightly open spaces in your smile that the implants will replace, so your smile appears uniform again. Fortunately, we carefully position implants and restore them with gorgeous, lifelike crowns for a completely natural finish. Next, recognize that placing implants will preserve the way your teeth are aligned, so they cannot shift out of place (which is a common problem with tooth loss).

They Protect Your Face

So, you think you are completely out of the woods because you have filled spaces and protecting your alignment with dental implants. However, you may be overlooking something very important: The structure of your smile supports your lower face (it keeps it from sinking inward), which supports your upper face, so you remain youthful in appearance. Also, implants keep your jaw tissue stimulated and healthy, so the structure of your jaw (and lower face) does not shrink. Looking for serious beauty protection? Implants are where it’s at.