Cosmetic Concerns: Assumptions Versus Reality

Have you been making some assumptions about cosmetic dentistry and the types of treatments you might need? Perhaps you have even begun to assume that your needs are simply too complex for the use of cosmetic care. Before you convince yourself about anything else, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with us. You may find that things are actually much more possible – and less complicated – than you’ve been telling yourself.

You Assume You Need Braces

You just might assume you need braces because you have little spaces between your teeth. However, you might be wrong! If you are dealing with little gaps but your smile is otherwise quite uniform, you may be able to rely on a cosmetic dentistry treatment called bonding (we can fill the spaces so teeth appear to touch). We can also accomplish this with the placement of veneers.

You Assume You Need Veneers

Why do you think you need veneers? Is it because your smile looks drab and you know veneers can make it look amazing? Before you get ahead of yourself, we encourage you to think about the true problem at hand. If everything but the shade of your teeth is A-OK, investing in veneers is not necessary. Instead, teeth whitening will allow you to witness a dramatic smile transformation.

You Assume Your Needs Are Too Complicated

Now this is when veneers become appropriate. For patients who worry that their combination of cosmetic dentistry treatments will require too much time – or that they have too many needs – veneers generally save the day. This is because you can make almost any and all improvements to your teeth imaginable with these super-thin porcelain casings.