Bruxism Sufferers Ask: Can I Whiten My Smile?

If you are suffering from bruxism, you know that the most important step to take for your smile is to receive and remain committed to bruxism treatment. Along the way, however, whether you just discovered this problem is affecting you or if it’s been quite a while, you may find that like many patients, you want a whiter smile. How to sort out your potential for candidacy? We have some helpful advice that will guide you toward the answers you’re seeking – learn more!

Technically, Yes – You May Whiten

When it comes to whitening your smile, it’s important to note that we always thoroughly examine a patient’s smile before going ahead with teeth whitening. Here’s where things can become confusing for a patient: If you are suffering from an oral health problem that requires restorative care, we will perform the restorative care first. However, bruxism treatment itself is considered preventive – it helps you avoid damage. Therefore, if bruxism has not yet caused damage and we deem your smile healthy, you can achieve a whiter smile, while continuing to treat your bruxism.

However, There Are Some Considerations

There are some instances in which we will determine that bruxism has left your smile too unhealthy for teeth whitening. While bruxism treatment will address the functional problem itself, we may need to perform restorative treatment if your teeth are fractured, worn, or otherwise damaged due to extensive grinding and clenching. Then, once your oral health is back in working order, we can discuss whitening options with you, such a teeth whitening or veneers.