3 Characteristics Of A Successful Crown

Have you ever asked yourself how on earth we decide which types of crowns to offer – and, furthermore, how we choose a particular dental crown for your smile? Perhaps you are simply unsure about what makes a good crown. Maybe you have heard about friends receiving “bad crowns,” which subsequently sends them seeking a new dentist to fix the work. Rest assured, we provide beautiful restorative work, so your smile looks lovely and regains full health. For a clearer understanding, consider a few characteristics of successful crowns.


First things first, we are living in an age that is not always completely satisfied when something is strictly utilitarian in nature – just because it gets the job done does not mean you will be happy with it if it looks bad. As a result, you probably want your smile to look beautiful and natural with the placement of a crown (and we couldn’t agree more). As a result, a completely successful crown is one that is esthetically pleasing. To hit the mark, we offer lifelike materials that we color-match to nearby teeth.


Your dental crown must fit correctly to be considered successful. There are many reasons for this. First, the way the crown fits will influence its appearance. Second – and more importantly – if it fits well, it will not interrupt your bite but will promote balance, which greatly affects your oral health.


The final characteristic of a successful dental crown is durability. You use your teeth to talk and to chew – and your jaws provide an enormous amount of strength. As a result, you need something that will hold up. We carefully choose beautiful yet extremely strong materials that will stand the test of time.