Month: June 2016

What is Xerostomia?

Just as school children learn new vocabulary words, adults can build their vocabulary as well. Xerostomia is the technical term for “dry mouth”— that uncomfortable feeling when saliva production is not adequately irrigating your tongue, teeth, gums and throat. You might not think much about saliva, until you don’t have enough of it. Then your… Read more »

FAQ: Children’s Dental Care Needs

You probably know all about adult dental care needs, but many people have questions about dental care for their children. Even before teeth begin to show themselves, you can take care of your infant’s gums by wiping them with a warm washcloth after feeding. As teeth begin to erupt, you can begin to gently brush with… Read more »

Protect Your Beauty: Dental Implants

While you are, of course, extremely concerned with replacing missing teeth because they can lead to a number of oral health problems (like an increase in decay), you may have something else on your mind. Don’t worry, if you’re feeling very concerned about the appearance of your smile, there’s nothing wrong with this! Esthetics is… Read more »

How To Avoid A Cavity

Have you already experienced a cavity in your lifetime but you would like to avoid experiencing one ever again? Perhaps you have never dealt with tooth decay and you would like to keep it that way – but you’re worrying you’ve just been a bit lucky all of this time. Good news: Doing your best… Read more »

Southlake Style Top Dentists 2016

What do you get when taking a thorough look at the thoughts of dental professional peers in a particular area? You find the best of the best when it comes to local dentists. Thanks to the combination of a rigorous evaluation and the thoughtful attention of Southlake Style magazine, you will have access to a… Read more »

Do You Need Tooth Extraction?

The problem with most dental health issues, including cavities and gingivitis, is that the longer you wait to treat them, the more serious the damage they’ll cause. In many cases, the end results is that, by the time a patient seeks treatment, the damage/disease has become so invasive that extracting the tooth is the only… Read more »

2 Reasons Tooth-Colored Fillings are Better than Metal

Not many years ago, metal fillings were the most popular option for treating cavities. The fillings were strong and durable, and in most cases, held up admirably under the pressures of biting and chewing. Now, however, more patients and dentists are choosing tooth-colored fillings made from biocompatible composite resin over the more traditional metal option…. Read more »

Excess Stress on Your Oral Health

If you’ve ever suffered the effects of prolonged stress, then you may find it hard to believe that our stress reaction is actually a useful defense mechanism. Normally, stress places your senses on high alert and increases your reaction time, helping you survive in the face of predators and other aggressors. Admittedly, you will not… Read more »

Should Bleeding Gums Worry Me?

Have you noticed a little pink mixed in with your toothpaste and saliva when you brush your teeth lately? Do you pull the floss away from your teeth only notice small, red droplets among the plaque and food debris? Even if your gums bleed slightly when you brush and floss, they probably don’t hurt, and… Read more »

3 (Non-Clinical) Reasons To Practice Dental Hygiene

You are probably quite informed on the details of dental hygiene. You know how to practice it correctly and you know a lot about the hygiene-related diseases that can occur, the damage that may ensue, and how this will affect your long-term oral health. However, do you ever give much thought to the simpler details… Read more »