Veneers: 2 Things To Establish First

Given the option to completely transform the way your smile looks with porcelain veneers, many patients would say, “Why, sure!” That is, even if said patients’ smiles already looked quite lovely. As you will notice, it is quite easy to become swept off your feet with the long list of benefits offered by veneers. However, it is equally important to make sure they’re a good match for your needs – and to ensure you’re ready to receive them. Consider just a couple orders of business you may need to address before moving forward.

That You Want More Than Teeth Whitening

Have a very honest talk with yourself – and our team – about your immediate and long-term goals for your smile and its appearance. If it turns out that you really only want for your smile to look much more vibrant but you are happy with its other characteristics, you may be able to receive whitening (as veneers may not be something you need). However, if you want to address more than one issue, it may be that veneers are actually a wonderful fit for your plans.

That Your Smile Is Healthy

You will need to come in to see us for a cosmetic consultation, during which we will both determine whether porcelain veneers are an appropriate choice for your smile – as well as whether you are currently ready to receive them. If we discover that your oral health is in need of restorative dentistry, we will put this at the top of the list. Once you schedule any required care and we restore the health of your smile, only then will it be time to go ahead and begin making movement with the cosmetic concerns.