Tooth Loss Q&A

Are you generally unsure about why tooth loss occurs, whether it may happen to you, and what you would do if it did? Rest easy – you’re certainly not the only person who dislikes the idea of open spaces in your smile. You would also not be the first person to experience it. Since the need to replace teeth is quite common, we offer a variety of treatments to help patients attain a complete grin again. For now, let’s answer some of your most pressing questions with an informative Q&A session.

Questions and Answers: Missing Teeth

Question: Will all of my teeth eventually fall out just as a matter of aging?

Answer: No. Tooth loss does not occur simply as the result of age. It occurs as the result of disease-related damage or repeated trauma. If you experience periodontal disease, excessive decay, or breakage, you may end up losing teeth or requiring extractions. Fortunately, by taking excellent care of your teeth, you can keep your smile intact.

Question: Can I avoid trauma-based tooth loss somehow? The idea of a dislodged tooth always makes me feel extremely anxious.

Answer: Sometimes accidents happen – even to your oral health. Fortunately, you may often avoid this type of trauma by wearing a sports mouthguard during activities and avoiding foods that you know are too hard for your teeth.

Question: Will everyone know I have lost my teeth if anything were to happen? What will I do if the day comes that I lose a tooth or multiple teeth?

Answer: Tooth loss is something nobody else needs to know about. We will plan to replace your teeth with beautiful replacements, so you quickly regain your complete, lovely grin.