Tobacco: Does It Harm My Smile?

You may ask yourself whether tobacco harms your oral health, how significant the damage may be, and whether it’s really worth quitting. When pressed for a concise answer, our response always includes: Yes, tobacco is dangerous for the health of your mouth and it is always worth quitting. However, we understand that you may be lacking certain details that – once you become familiar with them – may increase your motivation to cut tobacco products out of your life. Let’s explore this topic a bit further. After all, World No Tobacco Day is happening at the end of the month!

It Can Damage Your Smile Esthetically

When you’re visualizing your dream smile, it’s probably white and lovely. Unfortunately, if you use tobacco products, this pristine feature will remain only a fantasy. Here’s why: Just like you know that tar from cigarettes can leave residue in your lungs and tobacco can stain material, any tobacco-related products may also stain your teeth. In addition to dealing with yucky breath, your teeth may become yellow or lackluster. Even if you brush and floss every day, your smile may suggest otherwise.

It Can Lead to Significant Oral Health Problems

Unfortunately, the use of any tobacco product can lead to some serious problems with your oral health. Choosing to quit is a very beneficial move because the habitual use of tobacco may heighten your chance of developing progressive diseases like oral cancer or gum disease. The good news is that if you are consistent with your preventive dental checkups, we can detect these issues in their very earliest stages. However, it is important to remember that you can often prevent these oral health problems altogether by avoiding risks like tobacco and simply practicing optimal dental hygiene.