Quiz: Fingernail Biting (And Why You Should Stop)

If you think that biting your nails is just an esthetic problem that leads to some unsightly fingertips, think again! There are some seriously not-great things that can happen as a result of your daily habit. The good news is that we understand that this is something you may have difficulty addressing – speak with us about options to end your daily chomping, so we can help. As for why you should consider giving up the urge to trim your nails with your teeth, we encourage you to take a quiz that illuminates a variety of issues, including how the habit can affect your oral health.

Quiz: True or False?

True or False: Biting your nails promotes the excessive movement of your oral structures. As a result, this motion may encourage or worsen an already existing case of teeth grinding or teeth clenching (often while you sleep).

True or False: You have a lot of bacteria and other types of germs beneath your nails. While we suggest you avoid biting your nails, these germs are not a real threat.

True or False: Chewing on your nails if they are coated in nail polish can be quite unhealthy because of potential toxins in the polish.

Quiz Answers

True. A functional disorder known as bruxism, which includes involuntary grinding and/or clenching of your teeth (commonly during sleep) can develop in part (or get worse) due to nail biting. If your brain is already accustomed to this motion, it might continue without your knowledge. This can lead to eroded teeth and fractures.

False. The last thing you want to do is ingest the germs that you have collected beneath your fingernails all day. Avoid nail biting as a means of protecting yourself from colds, the flu, and more.

True. Most polish is composed of a variety of not-very-safe ingredients (think formaldehyde). Keep your paws away from your mouth to avoid ingesting hazardous substances!