Preventive Care During Pregnancy

You may find that everything you thought you knew about taking care of your oral health suddenly seems meant for someone else when you become pregnant. For instance, is it still safe to receive dental care, you may wonder? Are you supposed to keep caring for your smile the same way or are there special products you need to use? For the most part, fortunately, your habits may remain the same. Consider some helpful details.

Practice Your Usual Dental Hygiene

You may continue on as usual with your dental hygiene at home. It is important that you are focused on using a brush with soft bristles and fluoridated paste, as always, brushing twice a day. Keeping your gums healthy is also essential because your body’s shifting hormones can lead to gum inflammation and bleeding. Translation: Don’t skip flossing.

Get Serious About Visits

Partly because twice-annual visits are essential for your oral health – and partly because your gum tissue is quite vulnerable to disease when you are pregnant – we strongly suggest you get serious about your visits. Don’t put one off for too long or skip one. We can help you keep your smile on track throughout your pregnancy to protect you and baby.

Be Conservative About Dental Work

If you need a treatment to protect or repair a serious oral health problem, we generally suggest you choose your second trimester. However, if care can wait – it’s best to wait until after you have had the baby. As for treatments you do not need, such as cosmetic care, these should also wait until after you have had your baby.